The story of the Boer in South Africa is a bitter-sweet tale of bravery and suffering, benevolence and cruelty, but no history of the cruelty of past wars has been as vicious of what is taking place today.


There are a number of reasons why so many people who think and believe they know what Christ's message is, do not actually know what it's about, and sadly, one of those reasons is because millions in every generation have been completely misled, because the church they were "born" a member of, does not teach it.

Take a few minutes the moment you get a gap to read two pages in this blog: 

1. " Fear of God" (to gain a fuller understanding of who Christ is); and
2.. "Laws I've broken" (to get to know what the real "gospel" (good news) is all about.

Try to read the pages with an open mind, emptying your mind first of all the prejudices and preconceived notions you might have had about who Christ is, and what His message is. If a message comes from God, then considering yourself too 'adult' to consider or believe it, is in itself a form of mocking God.

"Fear of God" will give you a far more vivid idea of who Christ actually is, than you've quite possibly (and perhaps probably) ever had before; and "Laws I've broken" will give you a clear understanding of His message.

At the very least by doing so, you will be benefited by at least understanding and knowing who Christ really is, and what His message is actually all about.